Collaborate and Communicate in one Simple Platform.

Features you'll only find in the Pro version of Grapple:

  • Add and assign tasks via email or web form
  • Geolocation enabled tasks, comments, and reports
  • Advanced AES 256-bit encryption
  • Create unlimited tasks, and up to 100 projects
  • Project and Portfolio level completion reports
  • 5 GB cloud storage
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Stay Informed

Keep Team Members Informed

Easy Communication

Comment on Specific Tasks

Organize Your World

Store and Organize Files

Project & Team Performance

Generate Reports & Monitor Performance

Work With Outside People

Work With Independent Collaborators

Cutting Edge Contact Management

Cutting Edge Contact Management

At Your Fingertips On
Every Device

When you are not at your desk, use Grapple app on your smartphone to know what's happening in your world! Create tasks before the thought escapes your mind and don't wait till you get back into the office to give your opinion. Grapple supports both iOS and Android phones.